Dockmate Twin, Equipment Guide Price


Dockmate allows every skipper to dock his boat single-handed


We can connect Dockmate to the engines in 3 different ways:
1. Analogue
2. Digital, trough CAN bus technology.
3. Directly onto the gearbox; in this case the Dockmate is connected directly to the gearbox’s solenoids trough a specially developed inter-face. So we go completely around the ship’s CAN bus system, avoiding possible protocol incompability or problems. In this case the warranty on the engine will not be declared void by the manufacturer.

Price: £5,250.00 VAT: £1,050.00 Total: £6,300.00

(2 Engine) Typical Dockmate Twin Wireless Remote Control

Options can include:

2 Engines

Electric on/off Bowthruster

Electric on/off Sternthruster

Up  to 2 windlassess


Dockmate, good in simplicity, Or: Simply good!

We proudly present the new generation of remote control.

As yachtsmen with more than 40 years of experience, we truly believe in simplicity of things, more specific ; simplicity of operating and control. That is why we kept our transmitter’s layout simple and smooth. Inside, the electronics have been redeveloped to the latest and future standards of quality and safety. Since the introduction, Dockmate has been developed by listening to the clients’ wishes.

Dockmate allows every skipper to dock his boat single-handed:

The benefits are you can maneuver your boat from any place on board thanks to our Dockmate wireless control.

You can flawlessly operate two motors, horn, bow thruster, stern thruster and windlass with the tips of your fingers and you can control to the centimeter how you berth your boat safely.

The Dockmate is a wireless extension of your engine controls while maintaining the exact feeling (eg. response time of the gearbox) of all the accessories mentioned above. It can also replace a winch or physical work when mooring, let your boat do the work through our Dockmate to tighten the ropes.