Typical Dockmate Single Wireless Remote Control

Price: £4,495.00 VAT: £899.00 Total: £5,394.00

(1 Engine) Typical Dockmate Single Wireless Remote Control

Options can include:

1 Engine

Electric on/off Bowthruster

Up  to 2 windlassess



We can connect Dockmate to the engines in 3 different ways:
1. Analogue
2. Digital, trough CAN bus technology.
3. Directly onto the gearbox; in this case the Dockmate is connected directly to the gearbox’s solenoids trough a specially developed interface. So we go completely around the ship’s CAN bus system, avoiding possible protocol incompability or problems. In this case the warranty on the engine will not be declared void by the manufacturer.

Modular construction of the receiver; each receiver can be fully customized in a couple of minutes, additional modules can be ordered anytime.
• 2 way communication, ensuring faultless operation.
• 88 bit encoding for reliable data transmission.
• 12 double relays, 2 single for improved safety.
• Visual confirmation on the transmitter of the receiver status.
• Visual and audible receiver status indication.
• Automatic shutdown of the transmitter after 30 minutes of non-use.
• Range of 50m.

• Easy to hide receiver (22x22x6cm).
• Automatic take command via the transmitter to make it the active station.
• Panic function/ emergency switch-off on the transmitter.
• Waterproof transmitter with rubber finish.
• Power supply to the receiver (12 or 24V) from 2 different sources for increased safety.
• Waterproof connectors on the receiver.
• Available in 433 and 868 MHz.
• The system comes with plug & play cables for most brands.